R packages: How to solve the check NOTE "no visible binding for global variable"

While our package employ a function using Non Standard Evaluation (NSE), such as data.table and many tidyverse packages, R CMD check will generate NOTEs in the form “no visible binding for global variable xxx”. There are two ways to solve this problem

First, add utils::globalVariables(c("xxx")) to your code, perhaps in R/globals.R. I recommand add it to the R file which caused the NOTE. Apprantly, utils packaage should be added to the Imports filed of DESCRIPTION file.

Second, as mentioned in the vignette of dplyr:

< If this function is in a package, using .data also prevents R CMD check from giving a NOTE about undefined global variables (provided that you’ve also imported rlang::.data with @importFrom rlang .data)

mutate_y <- function(df) {
  mutate(df, y = .data$a + .data$x)


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